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Who We Train

Medicine balls are used by a vast number of athletes across a variety of fitness disciplines. Medicine balls help train for speed, accuracy, power, mobility, and range of motion, which make them ideal training tools for some of the world’s fittest athletes. Men, women, and even children can benefit from medicine ball training on many levels, including coordination, speed, agility, and power.


Who Uses Medicine Balls

Anyone that requires a fitness or performance level that incorporates agility and speed coupled with strength can effectively train with medicine balls. Medicine balls allow you to avoid injury by training awkward and unfamiliar positions. Examples of groups that have benefited from medicine ball training include:

  • High School and Collegiate Sports Teams
  • Functional Fitness Gyms and Competition Teams
  • Athletes from many disciplines, including football, basketball, baseball, soccer and swimming
  • Fire Departments
  • Military and Law Enforcement
  • Search and Rescue Teams

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"My personal progress during the training for the Spartan Race was drastically improved compared to other times I have trained for races. Having the D-Balls and the Slug was the key difference for me in my training intensity."

- Jayson Pendell, race participant