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Some basic medicine ball exercises are outlined below. Before beginning any exercises, ensure that there is adequate space available to complete the movements. Typically, a space of approximately 20 square yards is recommended.

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Wall Ball – Stand in front of a wall with the medicine ball on the floor positioned between your feet. Dip into a deep squat and pick up the medicine ball, keeping your back flat and eyes forward throughout the movement. Shift the ball up to shoulder height and stabilize it securely in your hands as you explosively come up out of the squat, extending your arms, and driving up onto your toes, releasing the medicine ball at the apex of your jump. The ball should fly up and hit a predetermined target on the wall approximately 11 feet off of the ground. Catch the ball with cupped hands, receiving the ball as you quickly return to a squat to repeat the motion for the desired number of reps.

Backward Overhead Medicine Ball Throw – Begin in a squat position and hold the medicine ball with both hands between your legs. Quickly bring the ball upward and over the head, releasing the ball at chest level and over the head following through, allowing the ball to land safely behind you.

Chest Pass – Position your feet shoulder-width apart facing a partner. Flex your knees and tighten your core for stabilization. Pass the ball to your partner at chest level. Receive the ball with a strong core and legs to maintain a stabilized position.

Depth Push Up – Lie in the pushup position with both hands on the medicine ball and elbows extended. Quickly slide the hands off of the medicine ball and drop down to contact the ground. Flex the elbows and allow the chest to almost touch the medicine ball. Explosively push up by straightening the elbows and place the hands back on the medicine ball.

Medicine Ball V-Ups – Lie supine on your back with legs straight and arms extended straight overhead holding the medicine ball. Simultaneously raise your legs and trunk into a seated “V” position, bringing the legs and medicine ball directly overhead.

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